FeW is a model scouting company, founded in 2014. Since it’s inception, the agency has received distinguishing recognition for its discovery of diverse and unique modeling talents and their placements in top international model management companies.

FeW’s operating strategy has provided the agency with a unique advantage that allows a wide spectrum of collaborations across several international model management partners all over the world. With over 57 scouts worldwide, FeW prides herself as Africa’s most renowned model scouting agency representing some of fashion’s top model talents and newcomers.  At FeW, we are passionate about showcasing the very best of Africa, upholding a strong believe that somewhere within Africa’s diversity, lies the uniqueness in our model talents as we continue to transform modeling across the world.

Reflecting on our growth in model scouting and management generated over the past years, we recognized that we can build on this momentum and grow into a new management scope with management of creatives. Hence, the launch of Visionary Africa, established in January 2020.

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